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2018 In Close Proximity/ FATVillage Projects/ Group Exhibition & *Curatorial Gestures Belaxis Buil

2017/18 Fractured Affinities/ KERGallery/ Group Exhibition/ Curated by Bill Burke & Christopher Rodriguez Barake

2017/18 White Jeans/  FIU Washington Gallery (Art Basel, Miami)/ Group Exhibition & *Curatorial Gestures Belaxis Buil

2017 Forget Me Not/ FIU Fellows Gallery, MBUS, Lincoln Road/ Exhibition Artist Jose Luis Garcia & *Curatorial Gestures Belaxis Buil

2017 Wild. Life./ FIU Fellows Gallery/ MBUS, Lincoln Road/ Exhibition Artist Michael Gray & *Curatorial Gestures Belaxis Buil

2017 What plans the better Idea/ Bakehouse, FIU Project Gallery/ Group Exhibition/ *Curatorial Gestures, Belaxis Buil

 2017 IMAGO/ Bakehouse, FIU Project Gallery/FIU/ Curator Carol Damian

 2017 Blood-Thirsty/ Sculpture, Installation, Sound, Performance Art/ NERVE2017 FATVillage Projects/ Curators Leah Brown & Jenn Clay

2017 Smash & Grab/ Locust Projects Fundraiser/ Curator & Director Lorie Mertes

2016 P.U.E.N.T.E. ( Porque Ustes Entienden Nuestro Temas En Candela)/ Group Exhibition / Art Basel Site Specific Exhibition and Installation/ Congress Hotel/ Art For Progress

2016 IMAGO/ MBUS Urban Gallery/ FIU Lincoln Road/ Curator Carol Damian

2016 Finish Line/ Cuban Fried Chicken Group Exhibit/ Mac Fine Art/ Curator Roochi Llaneza

2016 The Things That Happen at Home/ Smash and Grab/ Locust Projects

2016 Cookie-Cutter/ Intersectionality/ MOCA, Miami/ Curator Richard Haden

2016 Harvey Milk Live Arts/ Theater Edition/ Sarasota, Florida

2016 Artist Ahti-Ruga Patra/ Selected Performer-Collaborator/ Bass Museum/ Curator Jose Diaz

2015  “ 100 Years of Solitude” Commission/ Art Basel/ MOCA, Miami/ Curator Babacar M'Bow

2015 MOCA Artist Residency/ Junior Docents/ Group Collaboration & Mixed Media-Installation Exhibition 

2015 Space Mountain Gallery/ Performance/ Sandra Portal Collective

2015 TAZ/ MOCA Museum Group Exhibit/ Curator Richard Haden

2015  Accordion Harmonica/ Here and Now Miami Light Project/ GodoyPradera Projects/ Wardrobe-Sculpture Design

2015 Sirens in Space/ Performance/ Pioneer Winter Collective/ Miami-Dade Auditorium

2014  The Shining Alix Pearlstein/ Art Basel/ Bass Museum

2014  Lifted Solo Exhibit/ Art Basel/ Lecture Series/&gallery

2014  Revolt of the Femme Flora/ balloon Garden Installation/ Miami Beach Botanical Gardens/ September

2014 Creative Mornings / Collaboration with the Krane and Vanessa Garcia/ Live Web Stream/ Intercontinentental

2014  O Cinema and Miami light Project Miami Filmmakers Series/ film/ Live interactive Video installation/ Miami Light Project

2014  Holy Women/ 8 Actions/ Eliu Almonte in conjunction with MAM


2014 S I N " Art without boundaries and Power/ Residency/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Colombia

2014  Performance Art/ Bass Museum/ Art Basel/ Circ X

2014 Downtown Art Days/ Kevin Arrow, Curator Thomas Wheeler Castillo/ Guerrilla Dance-Performance Art Piece/ PAMM Museum

2014 Off With Her Cake/ Performance- Absurd Theater/ Baouli's

2014  Fair Fauna The Revolt of the Feminist Flowers/ Miami Beach Botanical Garden/ Mixed-Media/ Interactive Performance/Video/ Dance-Performance Art/


2014 Art Takes Miami/ Photography work projection/ exhibited at  New York/ Manhattan/ Long Island 

2014 " Que Pasa en Danza ( en U.S.A)"?/ Rift Blackbox/ Curated Pioneer Winter/ Installation-Video_Performance Art & Dance 

2014 " 12 women out on a limb, and out of the box"/ Girls Club Miami/ Vanessa Garcia

2014 Univision Television/ Guerrilla Performance Art-Live

2014 Circ X/ Soho Hotel/ Performance Art/ Performance  Diana Lozano

2014  Body of Peace"/ Sin Fronteras /Sin " Art without boundaries and Power/ GPPAC

2014  Set Design for 'PINK ANGELS"/ Duncan Theater / West Palm Beach/ East to West Coast Dance Theater

2014  " This is Not a Home"/East to West Coast  Dance Company/ Performance Art/ Duncan Theater/ Director Agatha Wright

2014  " 69 Jigs- 64" Performer/ Dancer with Toc Project/ Lara Tinari/ Little Haiti Cultural Art Center

2014 Transmedia Film and Performance Festival/ Curator Pioneer Winter

2014 Creative Mornings / Collaboration with the Krane and Vanessa Garcia/ Live Web Stream/ Intercontinental Hotel/ Miami

2014 “ O Cinema”, and Miami light Project Miami Filmmakers Series/ film/ Live interactive Video installation/ Miami Light Project

2014“ Holy Women”/ 8 Actions/ Eliu Almonte in conjunction with MAM

2013 Performance Art Series at Design Series/ Sponsored by DACRA REAL ESTATE/ MIAMI Theater Center and Octavio Campos Curation

2013 Miami Takes New York/ 10 Creatives/ Video Projection at Art Takes/ Artists Wanted Gallery long Island New York

2013 International Miami Performance Art Festival/ June/ City of Miami and The Botanical Gardens

2013 Bass Museum/ Kate Gilmore Installation/ Art Basel Opening

2013 Juried Exhibition atFall Out/ Fort Lauderdale/ Curator Lisa Rockford

2013 Performatorio/ Performance/ Installation/ Lecture series/ Sala Forral and in Conjunction with MAM

2013 Independence Do/ Performance and Installation/ Workshop/ Lecture/ Eliu Almonte-Curator and MAM Bienale Recipient

2013 Here and Now/Miami Light Project/ Dances Made to order/ Film

2012 Forthcoming Miami Performance Festival/ Site Specific/ Miami Botanical Gardens

2012  Rip to Shreds/ Rabbit Gallery/ Wynwood/ Curator Milagros Cardoso, UM Gallery

2012 Armory, NYC/ Art for Progress/ “ Floral Arrangement” Installation & Performance

2011 Art for Progress/ Art Basel/ Fountain Art Fair

2011 “ Dancer”/ Miami Art Museum/ Dara Friedman Film/ Performer/ Art Basel

2011 Wynwood Art Fair Featured Artist /Margulies Collection/ Curators Kimberly Marrero & Antonia Wright

2011 “Married”/ Out of the Anonymous/ Sound & Performance/ Bardot

2011 Self Portrait Remix / Artist Shaun El C. Leandro collaboration/ Praxis International Gallery/ Wynwood 

2011 Art Shanghai/ Curated Milagros Bello Contemporary Art Space/ Alvaro Cirvillo/ Shanghai, China

2011 Toys Art Us Closing Reception/ CAVP/ Milagros Bello 

2011 "Nuclear UNfair"/ Art Tacheles Institution/ Berlin, Germany

2011 "Red Light"/ 1310 Gallery/ Sculpture-Installation-Live Performance

2011 Vanessa Beecroft Performance Installation/Playboy /Standard Hotel Pool/ Art Basel

2011 Toys Art Us Group Exhibit/ CVAP/ Milagros Bello/ Art Basel

2010 International Ballet Festival/ Radical Aftermath/Multi-Media Installation, performance art & Dance/ Colony Theatre

2010 Girls Club Online/ Frances Bishop Good & David Horvitz/ Private Collection

2010 Deceptive Eye/ Curator's Art Voice Projects/Curator Milagros Bello P.H.D./ Wynwood

2010 Art Shanghai/ LAP/ 2nd Series Exhibit/ "Perra & Bitch/ Curator Milagros Bello P.H.D.

2010 Art Shanghai, Biennale, " Perra & Bitch"/ LIVE-FEED PERFORMANCE-Miami/ Latin Art Pavilion/ Curator Milagros Bello, PhD.

2010 " Instruments of Torture”, Performance/Sound/Sculpture/Installation/Choreography Freedom Tower/ Amnesty International/Miami Dade Gallery System

2009 Art Basel Miami Beach Cinematheque "Parts of a Room"/ Lars Von Trier & Alex Nahon Screening

2009 Art Basel  The Lead and the Leader /Guerrilla Performance-Multi Media Installation/ The Lead Newspaper

2009 MOCA Museum & Museo Vault/ " Inside Box, outside Microphone" Live-Performance/Installation

2009 " Independent Thinkers" Silent Auction/ Photography " Boxing" Series/ Art Basel/ Miami Art Space

2009 Art Slant" Art Show"/Juried Exhibit- Online/ Contemporary Art/ Germany

2009 "Personally Political " A Contemporary Sensation/ The Art Tacheles, Berlin, Mitte/ May 29th-June19th

2009 St. Thomas University/ Collection-Exhibit/Art Coordinator Alina Philips


 Additional Exhibits available upon request



Beláxis Buil lives and works in Miami, Florida. Buil graduated from UF, New World School of the Arts, with a double major in Sculpture, Dance, and Minor in Art History.

Currently, Buil is pursuing an MFA in curatorial practice at FIU, awarded a GA Fellowship for her studies, and continues to exhibit in South Florida and abroad. As an undergraduate her training was rigorous at New World Scool of the Arts, University of Florida, earning a BFA in Sculpture, Art History and Minor in Dance.

Buil has been developing extensive projects with scholars, ambassadors, and specialists, initiating art as the platform for critical debate on hot social topics; stimulating social justice awareness to the South Florida community on public radio ( Rumbera FM, Radio Marti, Mom & Pops Radio~ Grass-root, Al Cole of CBS Radio) on plaguing issues with immigration and forced displacement at refugee camps. In 2014, Diplomat Malanin Slama, of Western Sahara contacted Buil on her work and achievements and requested her support to the 40-year exile of the Sahawari people as they claim independence from Morroco. In 2015 Buil petitioned on behalf of the Sahawaris and was asked to speak during The Special Political and Decolonization Committee at the United Nations, New York.

Buil's artistic practice integrates looming topics needing urgent discussion in human rights advocacy, women and gender issues, identity politics, and the crisis of human conditioning, weaving poetic and absurd arrangements of sculpture, installtion, video, photography and choreograpy into provocatively bold and challenging environments where the public and objects become a part of the narrative.

Buil's work has been celebrated and viewed at MOCA ( Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami,) Art Tacheles ( Germany), Art Shanghai ( China), Performa ( Dominican Republic), International Ballet Festival ( Miami), Miami Light Projects, Dances Made to Order, as well in collaborative projects at RFC ( Rubell Family Collection) with Jean-Pierre Khazeem as the Mona Lisa Live, Art Basel Miami, Vanessa Beecroft, and Playboy during Art Basel Miami, Alex Pearlstein at Bass Museum, Art Basel Miami and Athi- Patra Ruga at Bass Museum.

In July of 2016, Buil was an honored recipient of The People of Distinction Humanitarian Award on Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

Buil is actively exhibiting work, curating, choreographing and contributing as an arts writer at Art for Progress, NY.