Buil's work is a multi-disciplinary practice of visual and performance art: composed of conceptual landscapes, which require the body to  be present during the time and in the space of occurrence, by both the viewer and herself. The landscapes become immersive experiences, utilizing, object ( sculpture), paint, assemblages, sounds and video.


Based on research and investigations, focusing on human behavior, social interactions and relationships built between humans and objects due disconnections between people: Buil scripts mythologies and fictions, focusing on gender politics, feminism, social-political structures, geo-political conflicts, identity and displacement: by inserting herself, as the subject, triggering a time based performance, placing herself into an objectified role- to the viewer. Buil expands the basis of tension, exposing uncomfortability in her physical state, and confrontations unravel towards the objects, which hold no power, but act as signifiers, and points in context, to the myth. As the performance unfolds, installations began to happen, shaping the concept to the viewer, and what is left behind, is the archive of the struggle.






MFA' 19 Curatorial Practice Candidate  | Florida International University | 2016-Present | GPA 3.8

New World School of the Arts| University of Florida| 2008| Deans List